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Top 5 Reasons City Life is Bad For You

There’s no doubt many of us are drawn to the excitement, pace and vibrant culture of big cities. It’s also obvious that major cities provide better work opportunities and higher salaries, which is a pretty big drawcard. While there are many aspects of city living that inspire us in our daily lives, there are also plenty of downsides that are worsening, including the ubiquitous crowds, worsening traffic congestion, noise and pollution. Increased Anxiety We’ve all experienced the feelings that come with being stuck in traffic, missing a train, or running late for appointments. Research has shown that stressors like public transport issues, rent, mortgage costs, and the high cost of living cause us anxiety, which is bad for our physical and mental health. With the pace of busy urban life, it’s easy to see why city residents are thought to be more sensitive to daily chaos and more susceptible to becoming angry and frustrated with their surroundings. Increased Risk of Heart Diseas

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